Feral Vector

Feral Vector began as an experimental event for independent developers, and has become a festival about game design and play. Rather than just talks, it also features live games, prototypes, discussions, workshops, walks, roleplay, installation art, and performances.

Directed by David Hayward, Feral Vector has been held yearly since 2012. Initially it was based in London with instances in Battersea, Farringdon, and on a fishing trawler moored at Canary Wharf. Through various programme experiments we’ve settled on a structure that maximises interaction between attendees, supports small creative and experimental events (as well as more familiar event formats), and most importantly places people in different mindsets.

One of the most important aspects of Feral Vector is temporarily separating audience members from their everyday concerns. Since 2015 we’ve found a reliable way to do this is to hold it in the picturesque town of Hebden Bridge. The venue is a beautiful restored church, next to a wooded ravine, right near the town centre. coupled with verdant landscapes and copious natural light, this makes it antithetical to most videogames events, and as such, a perfect place to escape and explore wider influences.

You can see more at www.feral-vector.com