The Tentacle Collective

The Tentacle Collective, run by Payload Studios, is a collaborative showcase for independent commercial videogame developers, touring various large events such as EGX and Insomnia. Payload Studios consulted me on the initial concept then hired me to test out components for the stand build.

Payload founder Russ Clarke had an idea for independent developers to band together for greater purchasing power of event space. Due to my extensive events background, he asked me if I had any ideas for stand components that would have a large visual impact yet be lightweight and pack down to a small size. I immediately directed him to a Bristol based artist who makes large scale inflatables.

Next time we met, Payload had bought a set of giant inflatable tentacles, and hired me to kit out the rest of the stand. This involved several months of research and experimentation with furnishings, tools, branding materials and procedures to make the stand lighter, better looking, and faster to setup and take down.

The result, which we have refined over the course of a year and a dozen or so events, is a 32 screen stand that can pack down into a standard transit van and a couple of freight pallets, yet is visible as a landmark from the other side of most showfloors. Along with that, we’ve trained up a crew of developers and volunteers, maximising the scant resources of smaller studios to increase their showfloor presence.