Category: Workshop

Controller Factory: A Maze Berlin

Collaboration with Jonatan Van Hove and Sos Sosowski for A Maze Berlin 2016. Participants learned about arcade parts, tools, soldering and microcontrollers, then under our tuition turned everyday objects ranging from paperbacks to ballet pumps into working videogame controllers.

Public Speaking Workshops

I was once rigorously trained as a public speaker, and am skilled at passing this knowledge on to others. Initially devised for Game Republic and Creative England, I can deliver practical public speaking workshops for groups of up to ten, detailing aspects such as preparation, confidence, body language, speech, erasing bad habits and a host […]

Draftsight Workshops

One day workshop for a dozen students, taking them from zero knowledge to a basic proficiency with free CAD program Draftsight. Students gain a foundation in skills required to produce their own vector designs for production on tools such as laser cutters and CNC mills.